Frequently Asked Questions

Q- Who is the best stock broker in India?

India’s resurgence of stock market activity owes to a combination of economic prosperity and various functionaries present in the system who have ensured hassle-free participation to every individual. Sub-Stockbrokers such as Fiscal Relations are at the forefront to enable even a small investor to seize the opportunity offered by favourable changes brought in by the regulators and the government. The technology-based environments are leading the changes in businesses and delivering a technology-based, efficient Digital platform is at the core of Fiscal Relations.

Q- How should I find the best brokerage firm in India?

Several Broking units have mushroomed in recent times through a combination of cost-effective and advisory services. Selecting the best brokerage among these is a task, but one can select the right option through vetting certain parameters, such as the technology, skillset, advisory services etc. Fiscal Relations is one of the best discount brokerages to package all the services effectively as well as economically.

Q- How much return can I expect on the invested stocks?

A properly researched and analysed stock can yield astronomical returns. However, proper stock selection and determining entry/exit is a skill nurtured over a period. A good advisory service can be a differentiating factor between a successful and an unsuccessful investor.

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